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Determine your Personal Work Values

Apr 10


Get more confidence in your job search by identifying your core values

While the search for jobs in restaurants may be enjoyable, it can also be exhausting for some. Whatever your thoughts about the job search it is important to feel confident that you've made the right decision in accepting an offer. It's important to assess your personal values and discover your motivations to do your best at work. For the most suitable job in the restaurant industry, identify your priorities and ask the right questions during your interview.

There are a variety of work ethics you can acquire over time. These are just few suggestions to help you get started.


  • Independence

Independence is essential for those who value creativity and appreciate inclusive management methods. In fact, independence is often found in managerial positions or workplaces that encourage employees' ideas, thoughts, and contributions. These values include the ability to think independently, creativity, diversity, and autonomy.


  • Support

Support is essential to those seeking a management that stands behind their employees or a team that encourages collaboration. Additionally, you can get technical support like management supervision and employee resources. These values are also related: to supervision, training and interpersonal relationships.

  • Compensation

It can be challenging working in a restaurant. It is essential to get paid properly. Different people might have different ideas about what compensation means. Some individuals may consider tips more than the benefits that go beyond the hourly rate. While some people may rely on tips, another may prefer tips as groups rather than individually tips. Perhaps you're seeking additional benefits, along with tips and hourly earnings. It will help you identify the most suitable jobs to apply for and the best places to work to advance. These values relate to recognition, working conditions as well as benefits and other considerations.


  • Work/life balance

Many people choose to remain in the restaurant industry since they have the perfect time-to-work/life balance. However, this is one of the few positions in the industry that affords this kind of privilege. Therefore, this could be an issue. If you're not sure you should inquire about scheduling and speak with people who previously held the same job. Similar characteristics include flexibility, support and working conditions.


  • Relationships

Individuals should be working with those who are compatible with them. Relations extend beyond the office. It could mean everything. You might learn from other people and build a team which you can develop or simply how much enjoy the customers whom you interact with. Similar values include collaboration, support and helping others.


You've taken the time to understand your work values You are now able to organize your thoughts. The first step is to cut a piece of paper into 20 pieces or as many as you need. Then, write the work-related values you have on every piece. Then, break the pile into negotiable or non-negotiable parts. Once you have all of them in order and you are able to identify your top five values at work as well as any other values you're willing to compromise but still want.


It is a great idea to be familiar with your work ethics and values while job-hunting. This will help you to discover your core values and prepare for interviews. This doesn't mean that you have to be passionate about finding a job. The aim is to find a job that you are happy with. Knowing your motivations can help you avoid burnout and assist you in finding the ideal job.

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